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Ex-Democratic senator endorses Torres-Palacios

“GOVERNOR Ralph Torres is the only choice in this upcoming election,” said former Democratic Sen. Maria Frica T. Pangelinan, the CNMI’s first female senator.

At the recent GOP rally, she endorsed the Republican gubernatorial ticket of Torres and his running-mate, Senate President Arnold I. Palacios.

In her remarks, Pangelinan said Torres is a most effective steward of  government funds.

Maria Frica T. Pangelinan

“As most of you probably know,  she said, “I am a Democrat but, in this election year, we are free to choose who to support just as other Democrats have made their choices to go public and endorse individual candidates, I also announce my choice…to endorse the Torres-Palacios team.”

She added, “I encourage our women in the CNMI and everyone else to join me in supporting the Torres-Palacios team. Why? Because both the governor and his running-mate [are] the quality leaders the CNMI needs. Governor Torres and Senate President Palacios have long served the CNMI people. Both have years of experience in government and have the insights and knowledge to continue to shape the future of our Commonwealth.”

Pangelinan said: “We need to keep them in office. They acknowledge our concerns for the future. They understand the need of our business community.”

Pangelinan said Torres with the support of the Legislature has reduced the government’s obligations to the Settlement Fund and has made it possible for the retirees to receive 100 percent of their  pension benefits.

“He had to make tough decisions to get our CNMI government out of a financial crisis to fund the retirement obligations. Retirees, remember this when you go to the voting centers. Governor Torres made your 100 percent payment pension possible,” she said.

“I read the recent audit report, and it was documented that the government deficit has been reduced, long-term obligations including claims and judgments are being paid.

“Overall, the government’s financial state today showcases that Governor Torres is an effective steward of our government’s funds, making him the only choice this upcoming election. Let’s congratulate Governor Torres for his efforts to revive our economy and manage our growth successfully.

“Again, for me, the choice is a clear one. I am proud to support the Torres-Palacios team in 2018. Their forward thinking is a vital part of a positive future for our CNMI.”