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Nephrology nurses aspire to excellence

(Press Release) — “Not all heroes wear capes, most of them wear scrubs.” These true to life heroes are doctors, nurses, medical technologist, pharmacist and other health care professionals.

All areas of healthcare are special and unique on their own levels of importance, but one particular field that requires highly technical skills is Nephrology Nursing. These dedicated men and women in scrubs give care for dialysis recipients. To be able to care and operate a complex dialysis machine which substitutes most functions of the human kidneys one must be highly trained, motivated, skilled, passionate, well educated and armored with patience.

“Aspire for Excellence” is this year’s theme for Nephrology Nurses Week long celebration. Nephrology Nurses aspire to deliver the best possible care they can offer through trainings and continuing education. As we celebrate to honor this men and women in scrubs let’s not focus on Nephrology Nurses alone but the whole Nephrology team. “Aspiring for Excellence” will be best achieved as a team.

The American Nephrology Nurses Association has designated September 9-15, 2018 as Nephrology Nurses week to honor Nephrology Nurses in their life saving job. These unique and extraordinary services to the community are often overlooked and unappreciated. On the second week of September as they celebrate Nephrology Nurses Week, it is time to put this team’s effort in the spotlight. There continued willingness and dedication to make a positive difference to patients and family members indeed is worthy enough for much appreciation not only for the week but for the entire year.