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American Sinopan to develop high-end villas, club house

AMERICAN Sinopan LLC, the investor and developer of the 1,200-hotel-room project in Tanapag, will also develop residential homes for high-end clients in Chalan Savana on Capital Hill.

Its proposed amendment to the conditional-use application for the Capital Hill Resort Hotel was approved by the Zoning Board by a 4 to 0 vote with one abstention during a hearing on Thursday. Board members Mariano Taitano, Joe Ayuyu Jr. and Patrick Reyes voted yes while board chairman Diego Blanco abstained.

American Sinopan LLC chief executive director Ken T. Lin said the Capital Hill project will cost $31 million to build.

Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said the area for the proposed project is zoned as rural and is classified as planned development.

The applicant, she said, proposes a 25-percent variance for parking space, 48 feet to 58 feet for the building height, and 15 feet to 30 feet for the site setback.

The project will include 12 residential villas, an executive club house, a generator room, a sewage-treatment plant and an open public space in the 26,500 sq. meter area.

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Matt Gregory, back to camera, legal counsel for American Sinopan, makes a brief presentation about its Capital Hill project during the Zoning Board meeting on Thursday at the multi-purpose center.  Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

American Sinopan legal counsel Matt Gregory said each villa will have a living room, a karaoke-TV room, a family room, an entertainment room, a dining area, a spa and a restroom

Lin said they will need 11,900 gallons of water per day to operate their Capital Hill resort.

He said American Sinopan will work with the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. to improve the water flow so that 11,140 gallons per day will be reserved for the surrounding neighborhoods.

For power, Lin said  CUC has already upgraded its power line and “has no problem meeting the proposed power demand.”

Lin said they will have backup generators at the site and an on-site sewage-treatment facility that can treat up to 16,000 gallons of sewage.

CUC Deputy Executive Director Willima Gilmore, who attended the hearing, said they have had discussions with the developer about the project’s water, power and sewage-treatment requirements.

American Sinopan said it is also committed to work with the Department of Public Works in the construction of a new paved roadway.

In addition, a traffic study has been conducted which indicates that there will be “no significant impact on the traffic movement in the vicinity,” Lin said.

At the public hearing, some residents in areas near the project site expressed concern about the building height, which they said will block their view.

Lin said the height of the building will be just 45 feet. “I think the interests of the homeowners and  Sinopan are the same and there is really no conflict,” he added.

Tanapag resident Sheila Babauta, who is a Precinct 4 House candidate, thanked the investor for developing an existing building which used to be an eyesore in the area, but she said the developer should comply with the site setback requirement.

Babauta likewise noted the current lack of construction workers on island.

Another Tanapag resident, former Rep. Juan I. Tenorio, said the nearby homes will benefit from the project because it will improve the road.

More people are likely to relocate to the Capital Hill area if the road is good, he added.

Rep. Leepan T. Guerrero said American Sinopan should be given a chance to pursue its project because it will provide additional revenue to the government.

In an interview, Lin said they will start the construction in the first quarter of 2019. He believes that it will take 24 months to complete the project.

During the construction period, Lin said they will ensure that Route 316 will remain free of construction debris. No public road will be blocked, and there will be no trespassing on neighboring properties, he added.