Governor may decide on marijuana bill on Sept. 23

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres said he may come to a decision on Sept. 23 on whether to sign or veto the marijuana legalization bill.

“This is a critical bill. This will definitely change our lives if it becomes law,” the governor said when asked about House Bill 20-178.

He said this week, more information about marijuana legalization should be made available to the public — “what to expect if it does go through,” and what the experience has been so far in states and territories that have legalized recreational and/or medicinal marijuana use.

 “I know that both the House and Senate have held public hearings and given  community members an opportunity to comment on this issue. I am reviewing the testimony and comments.”

The House of Representatives passed the bill on Aug. 8 while the Senate approved it on Aug. 30. The governor has 20 days to consider appropriation measures and 40 days in which to consider other bills.  If he fails either to sign or veto a bill within the applicable period, it will become law.

Meanwhile, Torres said his main focus is the ongoing recovery efforts on Rota which was hit by Typhoon Mongkhut last week.