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Guam’s Aguon-Limtiaco to launch write-in campaign

HAGÅTÑA — Defying the Guam Democratic Party’s appeal for unity, gubernatorial hopeful Sen. Frank Aguon and his running mate former U.S. Attorney Alicia Limtiaco will launch their campaign on Saturday as write-in candidates in the Nov. 6 elections.

The Aguon-Limtiaco team’s write-in entry sets a three-way race for governor and lt. governor. They are vying with the Democratic Party’s official standard bearers, former Sen. Lourdes Leon Guerrero and former court administrator Joshua Tenorio, and the Republican team of Lt. Gov. Ray Tenorio and former Sen. Tony Ada.

“From the start, we asked the people to believe in something bigger, something better,” Aguon said in a video message posted on the team’s Facebook page.

The Aguon-Limtiaco team lost to the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio ticket by a razor-thin margin in a four-way primary on  Aug. 25.

Former Gov. Carl Gutierrez and Sen. Dennis Rodriguez have since conceded.

Losing by just 254 votes, the Aguon-Limtiaco team is hoping to garner votes from the disgruntled faction of the Republicans who were displeased by Lt. Gov. Tenorio’s gun-grabbing stunt that led to criminal charges.

The Aguon-Limtiaco team’s write-in campaign is backed by the Guam Citizens for Public Accountability and the Guamanians for Fair Government.

The Democratic leaders earlier asked the Aguon-Limtiaco team to “denounce” the GCPA and GFG’s write-in endorsement. But Aguon said his team was “bombarded by pleas from a broad range of people in our community, anxious business owners, disgruntled Republicans, unsettled supporters from other camps, and concerned citizens of all ages. They want us to continue the fight.”

In a follow-up statement issued Oct.5, the Democratic Party expressed resentment over the prodigal team’s refusal to concede.

“We know that Senator Aguon and attorney Limtiaco have had a hard time accepting that fact,” the party’s leader said in a statement. “But it’s wrong for the same small group of people who attacked Senator Rodriguez, Governor Gutierrez, Sens. Lou Leon Guerrero, Josh Tenorio, and others in our primary to now use this loss to divide our people’s choice.”

Prior to the Aug. 25 primary, Democratic candidates signed a Unity Pledge promising to support and not challenge the winning team.

“We signed the Unity Pledge in good faith, but the unity pledge should not be used to deny voters a choice in this election,” Aguon said in the video message. “Broken promises and back-door deals are never more important than the people; that is the old way and that is what we are trying to fix.”

Limtiaco also resented the “smear campaign” targeting Aguon during the pre-primary campaign. “Such smear attacks are a breach of trust,” she said.

Meanwhile, attacks and counter-attacks heat up between the Leon Guerrero-Tenorio team and Tenorio-Ada teams.

Leon Guerrero said the Calvo administration, of which Ray Tenorio has been a part for eight years, didn’t do its job to protect the people and raise their standard of living.

“By nearly every measure our people feel less safe, more taxed, and increasingly distrustful of the government elected to serve them. None of that will change with four more years of the status quo,” Leon Guerrero said.

Lt. Gov. Tenorio, for his part, said Leon Guerrero is facing conflicts of interest.

“Lou Leon Guerrero comes from a long line of successful bankers, who owns and manages a $2-billion bank, much of which consists of government of Guam deposits. She has an ownership interest in other businesses that do business regularly with the Government of Guam and conflicts with being governor,” Lt. Gov. Tenorio said. “For example, the Bank of Guam does business with the government of Guam every single day and holds over $650 million of the government of Guam’s funds in accounts.”