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Inmate seeks $100K from each Corrections official he sued

IN response to the government’s motion to dismiss his lawsuit, inmate Jesse James Babauta Camacho sued Department of Corrections officials $100,000 each for deliberately delaying his medical treatment which he said led to his disability.

Camacho is serving a 45-year sentence after being convicted of killing a 13-year old boy in Dandan in April 1998. In that year, Camacho turned 18.

In his lawsuit, Camacho said Sgt. Lorraine Rios and Sgt. Benjamin Lizama denied him his medical needs that resulted in him getting an open heart bypass due to their negligence.

Camacho hold Rios and Lizama responsible for the ugly scars on his chest and belly, left wrist and left thigh.

He added that because of the denial of medical care, he suffered emotional and physical stress.

In his letter to the court he said he is also suing “Director Georgia M. Cabrera for interfering with my medical referral, for forcing herself into my medical records at the Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation without my consent and for also claiming that she is my immediate family member (which she isn’t) and for also neglecting my concern that I brought to her attention what the other officers did to me that got me into this situation in the first place.”

Camacho is likewise suing Capt. Manuel Quitano for ignoring his complaint when he told him about the officers that denied him medical assistance, “he ignored my complaint.”

Camacho, moreover, is suing Lt. Fredrick Billy for ignoring his complaint about the officers that denied his request to be brought to the hospital.

Camacho is suing former Corrections Officer Nina Aldan for  delaying his CHCC appointment.

For ignoring his complaint, request, and grievances, Camacho is also suing Capt. Pius Yaroitemal and Corrections Director Jose K. Pangelinan.

Camacho is also suing Corrections Commissioner Vince Attao for ignoring countless requests and grievances that he submitted to him regarding what the Corrections officers have done to him.

Camacho stated in his letter that he is also suing the CNMI government, Corrections and its officials for not effectively training their officer to do their jobs 100 percent.

He said if the Corrections officers were trained properly and effectively, “I wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place. I would still be whole.”

Camacho said the only time the Corrections officers did their job the right way is when the public got involved and complaints were filed in court.

“Now, after my incident, inmates that are sick are brought right away to the hospital,” he said.

In the past, they had to wait for days to be brought to the hospital, he added.

Camacho is asking District Court for the NMI Chief Judge Ramona V. Manglona to help him.

He said it had been a practice in Corrections for a very long time to ignore the inmates’ complaints and to not bring them to the hospital.

“It’s time for any light to be shed in here,” he added.

Assistant Attorney General Hessel Yntema earlier said that Camacho failed to state a claim for which a relief can be granted.