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Lawmaker: HB 20-120 an enabling bill

REPRESENTATIVE Angel Demapan said the House passed House Bill 20-120, which proposes a salary increase for government employees affected by austerity measures, because it is an enabling bill.

He said the bill, which was introduced by Vice Speaker Janet U. Maratita, will authorize the government to pay an obligation.

 “It is true that we did not identify funding, but based on the data we received from [the Office of Personnel Management,] we are looking at roughly $7 million,” said Demapan, chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee.

“It is an enabling bill and not an appropriation bill. Normally what happens in this case is that the enabling bill will become law and then an appropriation bill will be passed to  pay the obligation. H.B. 20-120 was written in such a way as to recognize an obligation.”

The bill was on the Senate agenda Tuesday, but Senate Fiscal Affairs Committee Chairman Jude Hofschneider asked that the bill be referred to his committee for further review. The other senators agreed.