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Mount Carmel School celebrates Cultural Diversity Day

THE Mount Carmel School family recently joined the rest of the CNMI in celebrating the annual Cultural Diversity Day. The celebration featured parades, performances, cultural dances and costumes.

The celebration consisted of the following grade levels performing their specific cultural traditions: K4-Philippines, K5-Brazil, 1st-India, 2nd-Egypt, 3rd-South Korea, 4th-Russia, 5th-Spain, 6th-Japan, 7th-China, 8th-Fiji, 9th-Jamaica, 10th-Greece, 11th-New Zealand, and 12th-CNMI. This year’s celebration also featured special performances from the school’s Dance Club and Achahaga Chamorro Club.

After all the performances, classes were awarded for their overall presentation of creativity, parade spirit, a banner, mascot, and performance. Fourth grade students who represented Russia won in the K-4 division. Fifth grade students who represented Spain won in the 5-8 division. Lastly, the 12th grade students who represented the CNMI won in the high school division.

Student Council president Dayna Macaranas enjoyed this year’s Cultural Diversity Day despite the unpredictability of the weather. She said, “Cultural Diversity Day turned out to be better than expected. From the mascots to the banner, every class was active and creative when displaying their respective cultures. Everyone was very cooperative and did a great job at their presentations!”