Celine Cabrera to compete in Miss International pageant

2018 Miss Marianas Celine Concepcion Cabrera will leave for Tokyo, Japan on Oct. 22 to compete in the Miss International pageant which will be held there on Nov. 9.

“I am so blessed to have an opportunity to represent our islands,” she said in an interview. “I want our islands to be globally recognized as a beautiful place to live with beautiful people, an amazing culture and customs —  I want the world to know that.”

Celine Cabrera

In spite of training and preparing for the competition, Cabrera admitted that she is still nervous.

“But I am turning that nervousness into excitement because not many people get the opportunity that I have,” she added.

The CNMI has been taking part in the Miss International pageant for years, and four local ladies have won the Miss Friendship award.

“We have yet to bring home the crown, so I hope to be the first one,” Cabrera said.

Part of her preparation involves training with Jerry Diaz of Gold’s Gym. “He has been a great help with my fitness journey. I have seen results in just the short time that we have worked together,” Cabrera said.

In addition, Stellar Marianas committee members have been giving her tips and insights regarding various issues that may come up during the Q&A portion.

Veteran pageant director Ernie Molina helps her with her poise on the stage and the pageant walk while Michelle Sablan of Pena House Boutique is in charge of the wardrobe she will use in the pageant.

“It is great to have that support from our community,” Cabrera said.

“I would like to ask for the continued support of our community. Everyone has been so wonderful with their support and kind words. I receive so many messages and calls from my friends and family and community members. They are just letting me know that they support me, and they want me to enjoy my time and not to be nervous. I will do my best out there,” Cabrera said.

Recently, Stellar Marianas announced that the search for Miss Marianas 2019 has now begun.

Cabrera is encouraging the islands’ young women to join the CNMI’ premier pageant.

 “It is such a great experience,” she added.

She said the journey to the crown will give participants lifelong memories. “The Miss Marianas pageant is something that can never be forgotten.”