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Maratita introduces Saipan pay-hike measure

WITH House Bill 20-120, a pay-hike measure, still pending in the Senate, Vice Speaker Janet Maratita has reintroduced similar legislation but for government employees on Saipan only.

Maratita said he House Local Bill 20-82 will provide for the payment in the Third Senatorial District of salary increases suspended by the financial austerity measures and the within-grade increases suspended by the government.

Janet Ulloa Maratita

She said there are over a thousand government employees, including those on Rota and Tinian, who will benefit if House Bill 20-120 becomes law.

She has asked the Office of Personnel Management to provide her the number of government employees on Saipan who will get a pay-raise if her local bill is enacted into law.

The Senate earlier deferred action on H.B. 20-120 and send it back to the Senate Fiscal Affairs Committee for further review. Some senators have noted that the bill did not identify funding for the pay-raises.

But Maratita said her bill is not a funding bill but an enabling bill.  Its intent is to authorize payment for the salary increase suspended by the austerity measures in the past, she added.

Her local bill is a funding bill, she said. Section 2 of  H.L.B. 20-82 will “appropriate the amount of not more than $6 million from the exclusive Gaming Annual License Fees allotted to the Third Senatorial District under 4 CMC Section 2307 (c) (2) to pay the government employees of the Third Senatorial District who did not receive salary increases due to governor’s 2001 freeze of within-grade annual increase and the Northern Mariana Islands Administrative Code Section 10-20.2-1101 Financial Austerity Measures….”

The bill added that OPM “shall determine the amount of the suspended salary increase each employees is entitled to.”