DPL to issue 3 RFPs for Kan Pacific property

THE Department of Public Lands is going to issue another Request for Proposals for the management of the former Kan Pacific property in Marpi, and two other separate RFPs for the management of the hotel, race track and golf course.

DPL Secretary Marianne Concepcion-Teregeyo, in an interview on Wednesday, said they are now expediting the details of the RFP for the hotel, and are still working on some issues before they  publish it in the newspaper.

She said Imperial Pacific International submitted a bid for the management of the property late last year, but it has unacceptable provisions, and that’s why the contract was not awarded to the company as of this time.

Concepcion-Teregeyo said they have to move forward and issue new RFPs.

She said IPI can still submit a proposal if it is still interested in managing the Marpi property.

But she stressed that the operator’s management agreement is temporary.

“This is a very temporary agreement — everybody can bid and this is different from the lease. This is just to get an operator in place so that we don’t have the property vacant. [IPI] submitted a bid but toward the very end we were not able to find a middle ground so we had to uphold our fiduciary duty and not sign off on the unsatisfactory terms that were being proposed to DPL,” she said.

“We need to secure the golf course and the racing track, and that’s why we are publishing a second RFP for land care and for securing the property. We’re expediting the RFPs for the hotel, golf course and the racing track. The RFPs for the golf course and the race track will be published before the end of the week and, as for the hotel, we still need to work on some minor issues before we can publish it. All RFPs are due by next week, and we are working aggressively to get things done,” she said.

Concepcion-Teregeyo said the operation of the Marpi pool is dependent on the RFPs for the hotel and the race track.

As for the lease of the Marpi property, IPI submitted a proposal in 2015, but the matter is still under negotiation, she added.

“The submission was not satisfactory, and there were things that needed to be cleared up. Once the submission is satisfactory to DPL, we will  submit a package to the Legislature. It is only the Legislature that can approve the lease. In 2017 we realized that we might not reach our goal, and that it was likely that we would not have a new lease in place by April 30, 2018 which was the last day of Kan Pacific’s land lease [agreement with the CNMI government]. Last summer, DPL, planning forward, published an Invitation to Bid for security and lawn care and a temporary hotel operator to protect the entire area should we not have a new lease in place.

“We need to protect the property in order to keep the value up. We need to make sure we maintain the property, and we did have back up-plans should we not have a new lease by April 30, 2018.

“April 30 came and went and we still didn’t have a new lease, and there’s a reason for that. Now, we’re being attacked by those saying we are not doing our due diligence. We are doing our job. We want to make sure that we are not just doing this for IPI or for anybody else. We need to make sure that everything in that RFP is satisfactory to the department.

“Although DPL issued a Notice of Intent to Award to IPI last year, there are still some pending items that IPI has not attended to…. That is why we issued a temporary operators agreement,” Concepcion-Teregeyo said.