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B&B concept ‘abused’ on Saipan, MVA chief says

MARIANAS Visitors Authority Managing Director Chris Concepcion said the bed-and-breakfast establishments on Saipan do not reflect the B&B concept.

Concepcion, who has proposed a moratorium on new B&B permits, said the proliferation of B&B’s and apartments transformed into hotels does not help the island’s image and MVA’s goal of promoting the CNMI as a high-end destination.

He said he “completely agrees” with Rep. Leepan Guerrero and Zoning Board member Mariano Taitano who believe that the B&B concept has been abused on Saipan.

Concepcion said a real B&B business involves a homeowner who rents out his or her rooms to people who are traveling and need a place to sleep.

However, he said the “B&B’s” on island  are more like “mini-hotels or lodging houses.”

“They are abusing the concept of the B&B,” he added.

He said such establishments must be controlled. “When we just approve things left and right, it really doesn’t help — I think a moratorium is timely.”

He noted that regulatory agencies that issue permits to B&B applicants are having a hard regulating them, yet they continue to add more B&B’s.

“It just doesn’t make sense,” Concepcion said.