Father’s dream comes true: All his children graduate from college

FRANK P. Villagomez Sr.’s dream was to see his children graduate from college.

His dream came true when his youngest son, Frank Jr., graduated from California State Polytechnic University in June 2018.

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Frank A. Villagomez, second left,  in June 2018 on his graduation day at California State Polytechnic University, with his mother, Rell, brother Michael, and dad Frank Sr.  Contributed photo

His eldest son Michael  graduated from the same university in June 2014. His two daughters are also college graduates and work for banks on Saipan.

Frank Jr. earned a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, while Michael graduated with an electrical-engineering degree.

In the past, Villagomez said, only a very few local people had college degrees. He said he is pleased that today, many young people are pursuing higher education whether at Northern Marianas College or in the states.

He said his son Michael originally wanted to be a lawyer.  “In high school, he was part of Mount Carmel School’s mock-trial team. This made him interested in pursuing law,” he said.

But one summer, Michael worked for IT&E and was assigned to the field.  “This changed his interest from law to engineering,” his father said. “In the case of Frank, he followed in his brother’s footsteps in engineering.”

Michael is currently working for the U.S. Department of Defense-Naval Surface Warfare Center in Corona, California.

In college, he was a member of the Electrical Engineering Honor Society (Eta Kappa Nu) and the Freshmen Honor Society (Alpha Lambda Delta). He was on the President’s Honor  List in 2009 and on the Dean’s Honor List for five quarters.

While still in college, Frank Jr. “spent one summer as a civil engineering intern with the Federal Highway Administration in Oregon,” his father said.

Two years prior to his graduation, Frank Jr. was a student intern with Michael Baker International, a leading provider of engineering and consulting services.

His father said Frank Jr. was immediately hired by the same company as soon as he finished college.  He is now a traffic-engineering associate in Ontario, California.