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Governor, first lady cast early ballots

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres and first lady Diann T. Torres were among the voters who cast their ballots on Thursday, the third day of the early-voting period.

 Joining them were the governor’s brother Jack Torres and GOP president James Ada.

In an interview, the governor said he decided to vote early so he could focus on the recovery efforts as there are still “so many things that need to be done when it comes to restoring power and water for the entire community.”

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Gov. Ralph Torres shares a light moment with first lady Diann Torres as they wait to cast their ballots at the multi-purpose center on Thursday.  Photo by David Butterfield

The governor said he remains upbeat about his and his party’s chances in the general elections.

“I am very positive because of the progress we’ve done for the last couple of years, and with the partnership that we have with the White House and the assistance of our military and federal partners during this time of recovery. We’ve been working hard to assist everyone, to provide everyone with basic needs and to restore water and power in their areas. I am confident that the people are seeing the progress that we are making.”

He added that when the islands’ gross domestic product increased in 2016, “some said it was just a one-time deal but it happened again in 2017 so it shows that we are consistent with our progress.”

The governor again encourages everyone to come out and vote.

“We’re seeing a good turnout,” he said. “I know that we’ve just been through a typhoon but I still encourage the people to come out and exercise their right to vote.”

The Commonwealth Election Commission said on Wednesday that a total of 804 voters cast their votes on Saipan, 21 on Tinian, and 89 on Rota.

After two days of early voting, a total of 1,966 ballots had already been cast.

The CEC said there were 18,975 registered voters as of Oct. 5, 2018.