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Bill to re-establish NMI liaison office in Manila

THERE’S a need to re-establish a CNMI liaison office in the Philippines to help local medical referral patients seeking medical treatment there, outgoing Rep. Alice S. Igitol said.

Alice Santos Igitol

 “It’s a great challenge for medical referral patients if they don’t know anybody in Manila,” she said, adding that she personally experienced the hardship of bringing a patient to the Philippines.

 “It would ease the hardship of the patient and his or her escort if we could provide them some sort of assistance through a liaison office,” Igitol said.

She has introduced House Bill 20-183 to establish a Marianas-Philippines Liaison Office.

She said her  bill, which is now in the Senate, will also help “ensure that all [NMI] liaison offices are prescribed the same duties and responsibilities and will be required to submit a written report to the governor and the Legislature documenting the official activities of their offices during the preceding year.”

Currently, the CNMI has medical referral offices on Guam and Honolulu, Hawaii.

A CNMI liaison office was opened in Manila in 1994 during the administration of Gov. Froilan C. Tenorio, but it was shut down in 2000 due to lack of funding.