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Another gas price rollback

THE prices of gasoline were reduced for the second time since the island was hit by Super Typhoon Yutu.

Mobil Oil Marianas cut its prices by 10 cents at around 10 a.m. Monday, and Shell Marianas followed suit on Tuesday.

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The new fuel prices are displayed at the Mobil Oil Marianas service station on Beach Road in Garapan.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

From $4.33 a gallon, Mobil’s regular gas price is now $4.23 a gallon; its premium gas, which cost $4.70 a gallon, is now $4.60 a gallon; while the price of diesel has been reduced from $4.71 to $4.61 a gallon.

Shell serves only premium gas and diesel.

The last time Mobil and Shell rolled back their prices was on Thanksgiving, also by 10 cents. In October, gasoline prices increased by 10 cents.

In an interview, Rep. Edwin Propst said Shell service stations on Saipan shut down on Tuesday afternoon.

He said he went to the three Shell service stations in Dandan, Susupe and Gualo Rai, and was told that they wouldn’t open until the Guam office advised them of the new gas prices.

Those few hours of shutdown caused long lines because it happened during rush hour, Propst said.

But he praised the Shell employees for their “cheery attitude and awesome treatment of their customers.”

The gas attendants, he said, did their best by offering extra services such as washing windshields and throwing trash from their customers’ cars.

“A huge thank you to the awesome and amazing Shell Saipan employees who are working the long lines with such a cheery attitude because their Guam Shell headquarters decided to shut down all Shell stations to change the pump prices. You guys rock! Your bosses in Guam? Not so much. Front-line employees are the heart and soul of every company. Shell is a perfect example of that,” Propst posted on hi Facebook page.

Alex Palacios, one of the motorists who lined up at a Shell station, said he was happy that gas prices went down again this week.

“I wish it will keep going down every week. I can use those savings for other things like putting food on the table,” Palacios said.