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CUC: Saipan power restoration 63% complete

COMMONWEALTH Utilities Corp. Executive Director Gary Camacho said critical infrastructure on primary lines remains the priority in the power restoration effort which was 63 percent complete on Saipan as of Tuesday, Dec. 4.

Since they started the restoration effort after Typhoon Yutu devastated Saipan on Oct. 24-25, seven of the nine feeders on island are now partially online, Camacho said.

Gary Camacho

For Feeder 1, he said power crews have energized 95 percent of the circuits. The remaining connections are for customers who need a pole replacement or are pending facility repair work.

Camacho said 94.6 percent of the total number of customers in the area have been energized.

For Feeder 2, he said CUC’s power restoration team has energized 90 percent of the circuits although they continue the repair work on hardware and string conductors to restore the remaining few laterals.

About 81.9 percent of the customers in the area have been energized, Camacho added.

As of Nov. 5,  he said, the whole part of Feeder 3 had been energized, and three days later, all customers in the areas had 200 percent power supply.

Only 60 percent of the primary and secondary lines of Feeder 4 have been energized as power crews continue to repair and replace damaged conductors and hardware on the primary lines, Camacho said.

But an estimated 79.8 percent of  customers in Kagman area are already receiving power supply, he added.

The Kagman Juvenile Detention facility is offline pending repairs even as CUC power crews continue to repair and replace damaged conductors and hardware on the primary lines in Kagman III and IV, and connect laterals, Camacho said.

As of 6:15 p.m. on Nov. 1,  95 percent of Feeder 7’s circuits had been energized from Power Plant 1 to Sadog Tasi, and from Puerto Rico to Marpi.

Approximately 99.2 percent of the customers on Feeder 7 have been energized, Camacho said.

As for the primary lines in Kiya 1, 45 percent of the circuits were energized at 6:25 p.m. on Nov. 10, from Kiya Substation to the Airport Adios sign on Tun Herman Pan Road.

As of Dec. 4, Camacho said 13.3 of the customers on Kiya 1 had been energized.

Regarding Kiya 2, 20 percent of the circuits had been energized since Nov. 19, from Shell Dandan to Happy Market.

Camacho said CUC’s power crews continue working on laterals in As Lito to energize residents. Only 7.2 percent of the customers in the area had their power back online.

Kiya 3 is still offline but partially energized through Feeder 3 so that 62.4 percent of its customers have been energized already, Camacho said.

He said Kiya 4 remains offline while power crews continue working from Atkin’s Kroll to Town House building, repairing hardware, framing and stringing  conductors. All customers on Kiya 4 remain offline, he added.

As of Dec. 2, CUC had removed 2,824 meters from damaged facilities.

Based on CUC’s recent assessment, there are 1,348 damaged power poles; 767 transformers; and 890,000 linear feet of conductors.

Camacho said personnel from the Environmental Protection Agency continue assisting CUC in collecting and recording damaged transformers.

EPA will also help coordinate the shipping of the damaged transformers for disposal, he added.

He said numerous materials ranging from pole-mounted transformers, concrete and wooden power poles, spans of conductors and various hardware materials from the Guam Power Authority and U.S. mainland vendors arrived in November.