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New law re-appropriates $75,000 for cultural center study

GOVERNOR Ralph D.L.G. Torres has signed into law House Local Bill 20-75 which re-appropriates $75,000  to fund a feasibility study for a cultural center.

The bill, which is now Saipan Local Law 20-27, gives the Indigenous Affairs Office’s resident executive expenditure authority.

IAO program manager Cris Ogo said the money was originally intended for a feasibility study of the Northern Marianas Cultural Center which was never constructed.

He said IAO Resident Executive Roman Tudela is now recruiting people who will be a part of the feasibility study. 

In addition, the IAO has already  identified possible locations of the center which Ogo said will be built to withstand typhoons.

In signing Saipan Local Law 20-27, Governor Torres noted that the IAO “is ready and capable to pursue this important endeavor in the interest of promoting  indigenous culture, tradition, tourism and the economy.”