Bridge Capital showcases CNMI Got Talent winners

FOR its 8th annual CNMI Got Talent, Bridge Capital hosted a show on Thursday night at the Garapan Fishing Base featuring the past winners of the annual competition.

2018 Miss Marianas Celine Cabrera. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

Bridge Capital chief operating officer Tucker Baldwin said the show was an opportunity for residents to come together and celebrate Christmas.

The annual competition was canceled this year due to Typhoon Yutu.

Baldwin said the audition was supposed to open the day after Typhoon Yutu hit the island in October. “After we woke up the next morning, we realized how much damage had happened to the island, and how it had compromised our ability to hold the audition. We also felt that some of the artists/participants might be dealing with other things at that time.”

He added, “We just felt that it was not a good idea to go ahead with the competition as we had planned.”

He said the competition was always “held indoors to control the environment, including lights, climate and sound.” But, he added, Typhoon Yutu also damaged Taga Hall of Saipan World Resort, the target venue for the event.

But Bridge Capital still wanted to continue its annual tradition of showcasing the talents of CNMI. “So this year is about healing and celebrating Christmas together.”

The CNMI Got Talent competition will resume in 2019. Baldwin urged those interested to audition next year.

On Thursday evening, hundreds of community members watched the performances of Bernice Shane Sabino, Glushko’s Performing Arts Academy students, Donato Santiago, Demalynn Pagarao, Saipan Music & Dance Studio, Gio Sagana, The Band Nearby, Nathan Palacios, Lawrence Tubera, Scene X, Karen Lagunay, Neil Fama and Rhythm N’ Harmony.

Bridge Capital also provided free snacks and refreshments.

During the intermission, acting Gov. Victor Hocog thanked Bridge Capital and the performers for entertaining the community.

He said the two typhoons — Mangkhut and Yutu — that hit Rota, Saipan and Tinian have taught the community “hope, peace and love.”

He added, “Your leaders for the next four years will be with you as they address your problems and help bring everyone back on their feet as soon as possible.”

Another special guest, 2018 Miss Marianas Celine Cabrera, said the performers are “a great inspiration to people as they display a positive spirit despite the hardship the community has gone through in the past weeks.”

She added, “I hope that all of you will find joy and love, and create good memories in this holiday season. As a community, our spirit will always be stronger than any super typhoon.”

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