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Gas prices down 10 cents for 3rd time in 2 months

GASOLINE prices have gone down for the third time since Thanksgiving.

Mobil Oil Marianas reduced its prices by 10 cents at around 10 a.m. Monday. From $4.23 a gallon, Mobil’s regular gas price is now $4.13 a gallon; premium gas price of $4.60 a gallon is now $4.50 a gallon; diesel, which cost $4.61 a gallon, is now $4.51 a gallon.

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A gas attendant smiles as he waits for a customer at the Mobil Oil Marianas service station on Beach Road in Garapan.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Shell Marianas, which sells only premium gas and diesel, reduced its prices on Tuesday.

Mobil and Shell reduced their prices on Thanksgiving and  in  the first week of December, also by 10 cents.

The continuous gas price rollback “is a sort of an early Christmas present that the island community has been receiving from these two oil firms,” said Northern Marianas Athletics or NMA president Ramon A. Tebuteb.

He said this is good for all motorists including sports organizers who volunteer not only their time but also mileage during sports events.

For the upcoming Christmas Island Relay, for example, the NMA team officials will have to use their own vehicles in following the participants to ensure their safety, from the kick-off at the Pacific Islands Club in San Antonio all the way to the finish line at the Last Command Post in Marpi,  Tebuteb said.     

“I wish these gas price rollbacks will continue,” he added.