Gas prices down 10 cents again

THE prices of gasoline went down again earlier this week.

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The   new fuel prices are displayed at the Shell Marianas on Middle Road, Wednesday morning.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Shell Marianas’ gasoline now costs $4.03 a gallon and diesel is now $4.41 a gallon.

Mobil Oil Marianas reduced its prices on Monday, also by 10 cents. Its regular gas price went down from $4.13 to $4.03 a gallon; its premium gas, which cost $4.50 is now $4.40 a gallon; and the price of diesel is down from $4.51 to $4.41 a gallon.

Before this week, the latest  gas price rollback happened two weeks ago, following two price reductions in November, also by 10 cents.

Northern Marianas Athletics president Ramon A. Tebuteb said he was thankful that his “wish” two weeks ago was granted. He had hoped to see another gas price roll back this year.

A retiree, Tony P. Mareham, said he understands that the government has no control over gas prices, but he hopes “somebody from the Legislature would look into all the costs associated with importing gas so they can see if price increases in the past and in the future are warranted.”