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Saipan mayor’s office removes trash from tourist district

THE Saipan mayor’s office removed a pile of trash left by a former building occupant on Plumera Avenue in the Garapan tourist district.

“This is good news,” said a concerned resident who reported the uncollected household trash mixed with  typhoon debris.

The field personnel of the Saipan mayor’s office arrived in the area on Dec. 24 at 8 a.m., a day after the “eyesore” was reported by Variety.

 “We are really grateful for their effort to clean up the area,” the concerned resident said, referring to the mayor and his personnel.  “The place is much better now.”

In an interview, Mayor David M. Apatang said they are not supposed to pick up household trash mixed with typhoon debris.

“But I also want to keep our island clean and prevent trash from affecting the health of the people and the environment,” he added.

The mayor urged community members to help take care of the environment. “We need their cooperation and they should be concerned too,” he added.

Apatang said the typhoon recovery effort is still ongoing and his office continues to pick up typhoon debris that scattered around villages and main thoroughfares.