Official: Hopwood students to move to temporary campus next month

HOPWOOD Middle School students are expected to move into their temporary campus in February, Education Commissioner Glenn Muna said.

In a report to the board’s committee on fiscal, personnel and administration on Tuesday, Muna said the contractors and subcontractors of the U.S. Army Corps Engineer have been working round-the-clock and seven days a week to get all the 42 temporary classrooms built before the end of January.

“We are expecting to move the students of Hopwood…over to their new temporary campus by the first week or second week in February,” he said.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, he added, has already inspected all public schools and Head Start centers. “They are now working on our progress worksheets which will include the damage to the buildings.”

As for  school renovations, Muna said FEMA is requiring the Public School System to comply with the 2018 International Building Code or ICB.

“For those buildings that sustained damage of at least 50 percent or more, FEMA notified us last week that we should comply with the 2018 building code. They will be working with us to ensure that we are in compliance,” Muna said.

 “They are looking at giving us the financial assistance to make all the facilities meet the IBC code,” he added.

Outgoing BOE member and fiscal, personnel and administration committee chairman Herman T. Guerrero said  PSS must now figure out where to rebuild a new and permanent Hopwood Middle School.

He added that the board needs to work with the administration and the Department of Public Land to identify a new site.

In his report to the BOE committee, Muna also reported that  debris-removal in schools is 95 percent done.

In addition, he said all schools are connected again to the Commonwealth Utilities Corp. grid except for Francisco S. Sablan Middle School, William S. Reyes Elementary School and a portion of San Vicente Elementary School.

“SVES Building A, which is a two-story building, is not yet connected due to roof damage,” Muna said. “We are working with FEMA to get those repairs done as soon as possible.”