Zoning official: ATV/UTV regulation to be published soon

SAIPAN Zoning Administrator Therese Ogumoro said they are now preparing to publish in the Commonwealth Register the draft regulation for the operation of  All-Terrain Vehicles and Utility Terrain Vehicles on island.

Prior to Typhoon Yutu in October, she said the draft regulation was already being translated to Chamorro and Carolinian.

Zoning planner Marciana Igitol said the draft regulation is now “under review” and will be transmitted to the Office of the Attorney General for approval.

In October, the Zoning Board lifted the two-year moratorium on applications for new ATV/UTV operations on Saipan.

But the board said no ATV/UTV application would be accepted until the regulation was finalized.

Before the moratorium was imposed in 2015, there were 11 active ATV and UTV operators on Saipan. Four were operating in the Mt. Tapochao area; three in the Ladder Beach and Obyan Beach areas; while the rest operated in Marpi and Kanat Tabla.

With the implementation of the moratorium in 2015, the zoning board deferred action on three ATV/UTV applications.