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Fire-lane regulation not suspended, says fire chief

FIRE-LANE parking enforcement was not suspended following Typhoon Yutu, Department of Fire and Emergency Medical Services Commissioner Clyde K. Norita said.

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A damaged fire-lane sign is seen in the Garapan tourist district last week.  DFEMS photo

 But almost all of the department’s personnel were assigned to assist in the recovery efforts, and the fire-lane code enforcement was not the priority for the first few months of the post-Yutu period, he added.

“Recovery and serving our people were the utmost concerns,” Norita said.

With the island nearly restored to normalcy, Norita said DFEMS personnel will be reassigned to their respective duties prior to Typhoon Yutu. A full-force fire-lane enforcement is to be expected, he added.

Three weeks ago,  Norita said, “we also reassigned our fire code investigators back to the fore so they could start working with companies and individual residents who were rebuilding their houses so these could be in compliance.”

DFEMS  plans to host a Fire Academy this year, he added.