New book about Amelia Earhart on Saipan now available

MARIE S.C. Castro, an educator and advocate of Amelia Earhart’s presence on Saipan before the war, has published a new book that will help fund the construction of a monument on island in honor of the famous aviator.

“Marie Castro: My Life and Amelia Earhart’s Saipan Legacy” provides new information surrounding Earhart’s disappearance in the Pacific while attempting to fly around the globe in 1937.

Marie S. C. Castro holds a copy of her book “Marie Castro: My Life and Amelia Earhart’s Saipan Legacy” which she co-wrote with Mike Campbell. Copies are available at Bestseller Saipan. Photo by Junhan B. Todiño

 “This book is easy for people to read because it has only 36 pages and lots of pictures,” she said. But it also has fresh information from eyewitnesses not included in her 2014 autobiography, “Without a Penny in My Pocket: My Bittersweet Memories Before and After World War II” which also mentioned Earhart’s presence on Saipan.

 Castro said her book, which is available at Bestseller Saipan, features  new accounts from elders and military generals who shared their knowledge about Earhart sightings on Saipan.

“It is important for the people, especially the new generation in the CNMI, to read the book so they will know what really happened to Earhart,” she added.

 “Even among my generation only a few people knew about Earhart,” the 85-year-old author said.

Based on her research, Castro believes that the aviator died of an ailment and was cremated on Saipan which is why  “you can’t find any remains of Earhart.”

She said  Jose Tomokane, a teacher during the Japanese era, witnessed Earhart’s cremation.

Castro said Tomokane’s wife and Rufina C. Reyes were the only other individuals who knew about it through Tomokane.

David M. Sablan also heard about Earhart being cremated, she added.

She said she made the book “more appealing” so people will be interested in digging for the truth  that has been kept from them for years.

 “My dear people of Saipan, this is the story about the tragic incident that happened on our island in 1937,” she added. “I’ve tried to make it easy to read for those interested in learning the truth of this extremely important historic event — a completely unnecessary tragedy that has yet to be recognized by mainstream historians.”

Castro also encourages members of the public to read Mike Campbell’s “Amelia Earthart: The Truth at Last” (2nd edition). For more information, visit Campbell’s blogsite at

Those who want to contribute to the Memorial Monument for Amelia Earhart, may send their donations to:

Marie S. Castro

P.O Box 500213

Saipan MP 96950