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SSHS students to hold carwash fundraising event at museum grounds

SAIPAN Southern High School-Youth Advisory Panel vice president Elaiza Suarez is inviting community members to take part in a car-wash fundraising event at the NMI Museum of History and Culture grounds from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Suarez said about 20 students will be available to wash cars. The rates are $10 for a sedan and $15 for trucks and SUVs.

“Our purpose is to raise funds for future school activities,” she said, adding that the club’s focus is to develop young leaders in schools who will eventually become community leaders in the future.

The Youth Advisory Panel has held other fundraising events before, but this is the first they will wash cars for a cause.

“This is also our first time to partner with the NMI Museum of History and Culture,” Suarez said, adding that a portion of the proceeds will go to the museum.

“We also want to give back to the community by helping the museum in any way we can.”

She added that a car-wash ticket entitles the buyer to two tickets to the museum.

“While people are waiting to have their cars cleaned they can take the opportunity to visit and discover the new museum,” she said.

In a statement, museum executive director Danny Aquino said last year, the museum reached out to the various public schools on Saipan to ask them to collaborate with the museum in a fundraising event.

“I’m very glad that the Saipan Southern High School students decided to have their fundraising car-wash event on our grounds,” he added.

Aquino hopes other schools will also hold their car-wash fundraisers at the museum.

Aside from car-wash fundraisers, the Marianas Visitors Authority and the Northern Marianas Humanities Council will also host private events on the museum grounds in the next couple of months.

For more information about the car wash or for tickets, call Elaiza Suarez at 783-0951 or Patsy Atalig at 788-2401.