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Rep. Sheila Babauta helps ‘revitalize’ Tanapag Youth Center

REPRESENTATIVE Sheila Babauta, in collaboration with the Division of Youth Services of the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and Tanapag Middle School, conducted a revitalization program at the Tanpag Youth Center on Friday.

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Rep. Sheila Babauta, left front row, poses for a  photo with Tanapag Middle School students and Division of Youth Services personnel during the revitalization program at the Tanapag Youth Center.  Contributed photo

The activity was carried out in observance of the Public School System’s Youth Art Month, she said.

“We got kids involved and they loved it so much,” Babauta said, adding that 13 students participated the community event.

“We want to attract the community to this center so they can utilize the facility,” she said, adding that they also wanted to teach children how to paint.

Last week, her fellow Precinct 4 representative, Joel Camacho, started painting a mural on a sidewalk jersey wall as part of a village beautification program.

At the Tanpag Youth Center on Friday, Babauta said DYS and the students helped repaint the walls of the center and clean up the surroundings.

“I let the students know that many things in life don’t come ready for you — you also got to put in the time and effort to plan and prepare,” Babauta added.

She thanked Pratt & Lambert Paints and Hong Ye Hardware for providing them with paint and other materials.