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Man arrested for attacking cop with knife

POLICE arrested 27-year-old Daniel Jake Kaipat for, among other charges, taking a swing at a police officer with a knife on Tuesday last week.

Kaipat was high on butane gas that he was inhaling while having a domestic spat with his mother and brother, police said.

Kaipat was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, resisting arrest, criminal mischief and disturbing the peace.

Superior Court Judge Kenneth L. Govendo imposed a $10,000 cash bail on Kaipat who was represented by Assistant Public Defender Jean Jacques Nogues at the bail hearing. Assistant Attorney General Robert Charles Lee appeared for the government.

According to police, on April 9, 2019, at about 8:21 a.m., officers responded to a report about a domestic spat in Kagman III, Marine Beach.

There Kaipat’s mother told police that his son had been inhaling butane and had a knife.

She said she had repeatedly asked Kaipat to give up the knife, but the defendant pointed the blade tip toward her and told her that he would stab her if she came closer.

Police tried to talk to Kaipat but he did not want to let go of the knife.

When an officer approached Kaipat and pepper-sprayed him, the defendant swung the knife at the officer and the defendant’s mother.

The police officer then used his baton to disarm Kaipat who struggled with the officer and continued to reach for the knife. The officer held on to Kaipat while another officer secured the defendant in a handcuff.

Prior to the incident, police learned that Kaipat had confronted his brother about a guitar. His brother told Kaipat to leave him alone or he would call 911. Kaipat took his brother’s cell phone and threw it to the ground breaking it. Kaipat’s brother said he moved away but Kaipat followed him in a room where the defendant head-butt his brother. Kaipat also choked and pushed his brother, police said.

Kaipat’s arraignment is scheduled for April 29, 2019 at 9 a.m.