Cousins in theft case get time served

AFTER admitting that they stole more than $6,000 from Club C, Alvagene Delos Santos 28, and her first cousin Cherie Delos Santos, 23, were sentenced to five years in jail, but all suspended except for 14 days.

Superior Court Associate Judge Joseph N. Camacho also gave the defendants credit for the 14 days they had served in prison which means that they have already been released.

At the sentencing hearing on Wednesday, Alavagene Delos Santos was represented by attorney Jack DLG Torres while Cherie Delos Santos was represented by Chief Public Defender Douglas Hartig at the hearing.

Appearing for the government was acting chief prosecutor Heather Barcinas who recommended a sentence of nine months imprisonment for Alvagene, and six months imprisonment for Cherie, and with no restriction on parole.

The Office of the Attorney General charged the two with one count of conspiracy to commit theft, and theft.

Both defendants pled guilty to the theft charge and the other charge was dropped pursuant to the plea agreement.

According to the plea agreement, the two women will be placed on probation for three years after serving their prison sentences.

Both will perform 200 hours of community service at five hours every month and will stay away from Club C. They will also write a letter of apology to the business establishment before the end of the first month of their probationary term.

In addition, they will jointly pay restitution to Club C in the amount of $6,156.50 before the end of their probationary period.

According to the factual basis for the plea, Alvagene and Cherie Delos Santos, on April 10 and April 19, 2018, took approximately $3,200 in promotional vouchers and $2,956.50 in cash from Club C, an electronic gaming business establishment in Susupe

Alvagene was a cashier’s booth supervisor at Club C. She “orchestrated a scheme to fraudulently steal approximately $3,200 in promotional vouchers and $3,956.50 in U.S. currency…. Alvagene would print unauthorized promotional vouchers, hand the vouchers to her [younger] cousin…Cherie to gamble, and they would split the winnings…. Alvagene [said] she used the money to buy things for her house and pay a phone bill…. Cherie [said] she used the money to buy clothes, food and school supplies for her son.”

Both defendants have no prior criminal history.