House passes 4 bills

THE House of Representatives on Friday last week approved four measures, one of which aims to help the tourism agency.

All members present voted in favor of House Bill 21-2 which proposes to create a separate statute and penalty for individuals committing vandalism; H.B. 21-3 which would enhance the Marianas Visitors Authority’s promotion capabilities; and H.B. 21-09 which would include the Office of Public Auditor’s unmarked vehicles on the list of law enforcement vehicles.

H.B. 21-2 and H.B. 21-3 were introduced by Rep. Joseph Leepan T. Guerrero while H.B. 21-9 was authored by Speaker Jonathan Blas Attao.

The House also passed Rep. Luis John Castro’s H.B. 21-23, which would authorize the governor to enter into an Emergency Assistance Compact on behalf of the CNMI with any other state or territory.

In its report, Castro’s House Committee on Federal and Foreign Affairs explained that the Emergency Assistance Compact offers assistance during governor-declared emergency or disaster through a “responsive, straightforward system that allows states to send personnel, equipment, and commodities to assist with response and recovery efforts in other states or territories.”

The four bills now go to the Senate.