Defense lawyer recommends five years for ‘ice’ defendant

FOR admitting to his role in manufacturing methamphetamine, 40-year-old David Muna Sablan should get only five years in prison, his lawyer said.

Attorney Janet King said her client took responsibility and admitted his role in manufacturing meth to Drug Enforcement Administration special agents.

Sablan was arrested after he threw a backpack that contained chemicals and items used in cooking meth in Garapan on March 15, 2018.

He pled guilty to a conspiracy charge and will be sentenced on April 24, 2019 at 9 a.m.

Sablan, a father of four, is best remembered by his family and friends as a good person who made bad decisions, his lawyer said.

He is also remembered as a talented and passionate basketball player, she added.

In his young adulthood, Sablan avoided street trouble by turning to basketball, his lawyer added.

Sablan was a shooting guard on the CNMI basketball team that played in Palau and Guam. He also “helped organize a basketball league for teenagers and young adults in the community,” his lawyer added.

King said when Sablan’s marriage was strained, he quit basketball and began associating with “troubled and conniving people who introduced him to gambling and then, sadly, to drugs.”

King said Sablan acknowledged that his addiction controlled him and caused him to fail his family, but he now wants to rectify and rebuild his relationship with his parents and children.

Sablan is requesting the court to place him in a drug treatment program while incarcerated.

King said Sablan will unlikely resort to criminal activity in the future. She said Sablan is 40 years old and any sentence he will receive will put him close to the age of 45 by the time he is released from prison.

King said a sentence at the low-end of the appropriate advisory guideline range is appropriate in the case.