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IPI says it will take over former Mariana Resort

IMPERIAL Pacific International is taking over the management of the former Mariana Resort & Spa in Marpi, IPI chief executive officer Mark Brown announced at the Commonwealth Casino Commission meeting on Thursday.

“With more construction workers coming, with local workers coming back to work, and getting Mariana Resort — it’s all good news,” Brown told reporters.

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Imperial Pacific International chief executive officer Mark Brown shares a light moment with other IPI officials as KSPN reporter Ashley McDowell looks on during the  Commonwealth Casino Commission meeting on Thursday.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

During a meeting with the commission, Brown said the Department of Public Lands has informed IPI that it has been authorized to temporarily operate the former Mariana Resort & Spa, the Mariana Country Club Golf Resort, the race track and the 50-meter swimming pool.

On March 29 and April 5, 2019 DPL published a notice of intent to award an agreement for the Marpi Hotel and Golf Resort Management Services.”

The notice of intent states: “Gov. Ralph DLG. Torres and Lt. Gov. Arnold I. Palacios, through DPL, are soliciting sealed proposals from qualified firms interested in managing and operating the former Mariana Resort and Spa Hotel and Golf Resort facilities (Hotel/Villas, Race Track, and Golf Course) on behalf and for the benefit of the Commonwealth.”

Brown said the former employees of Mariana Resort & Spa, the Mariana Country Club and race track can now come back to work. He said they should contact IPI vice president for human resources Bertha Leon Guerrero.

“We will reach out to the former staffers who are still here on island to help us run the resort, the golf course, and all those things,” Brown said. “We have received the letter that we are going to manage that property. We are still working on the detail of the agreement. We are finalizing the contract. We just want to announce the good news.”

He added that IPI will also retain the workers who have continued to maintain the golf course, “and probably add some more and then, whoever were there previously, especially the hotel people — we are going to reach out to them and we will bring them back on board.”

The former Mariana Resort & Spa and other facilities were owned and operated by Kan Pacific Ltd., for about 40 years.

Its lease ended in April 2018, but DPL allowed Kan Pacific to continue operating until Sept. 30, 2018.

In Dec. 2015, Kan Pacific agreed to assign its remaining lease years to IPI. In 2016, DPL announced a request for proposals for the property and received only one proposal — from IPI.

Asked by Commonwealth Casino Commissioner Alvaro Santos on Thursday if IPI still plans to lease the property, Brown said, “That is our plan.”

For now, he said IPI will rent the property and manage it for DPL.

“We are helping the island…. IPI is now jumping in to say ‘Yes, we will.’ It is going to cost us a couple of hundred thousand dollars a month just to maintain the property. We will do that until an agreement can be reached and hopefully one day, we’ll get the land [lease],” he added.

Brown said the Marpi land is the biggest piece in IPI’s project.

“Our goal wasn’t just to build a casino in the middle of Garapan. Our whole goal is to get this piece of land [in Marpi] so we can move forward,” Brown said. “Our investors and partners have been waiting for that for more than two years now.”