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Cannabis legalization requires proper regulation, say AGs

GUAM Attorney General Leevin Camacho and CNMI AG Edward Manibusan believe that proper regulation should be in place before the cannabis law is fully implemented.

Guam and the CNMI have legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal and recreational uses.

In an interview on Friday, Manibusan said, “We have to first make sure that we have adequate and proper regulation in place consistent with the law. We don’t really know what the [marijuana] law will do for the community.”
Leevin CamachoLeevin Camacho

He noted that there are clinical studies indicating that marijuana may be helpful for certain medical purposes. “But there are certain areas where we are concerned, especially with enforcement issue,” Manibusan added.

For his part, Guam AG Leevin Camacho told Variety that the territory has just convened its cannabis control board. “I am sure we will be addressing issues such as distribution, licensing, revenue collection and public safety component.”

Camacho said rather than reinvent the wheel, Guam and the CNMI “can pull our resources regionally to make sure that both jurisdictions are going to be doing everything ‘to roll’ this out the right way.”

Although 33 states and three territories have legalized the use of marijuana, federal law still categorizes it as a schedule 1 illegal substance.

“You can’t import it, you can’t export it,” Manibusan said. “Will the federal government enforce the statute against it in the territories and states that have legalized marijuana?”

Camacho said territorial or state governments can address any concerns through regulation. “We need to always keep an open mind and to move as challenges move,” he added.