Saipan mayor’s office to partner with BEH in campaign against trash

THE Saipan mayor’s office and the Bureau of Environmental Health will launch a campaign against the improper trash disposal by commercial establishments.

Henry Hofschneider, special assistant to the mayor, said BEH is responsible for issuing sanitary permits for establishment.

Henry Hofschneider

In line with the mayor’s beautification program, he said they want to make sure that the public is protected from an unsanitary environment.

“It’s a great concern,” Hofschneider added.

He noted the “overflowing” trash bins outside certain establishments. Under the law, he added, trash bins should be covered.

The mayor’s office field personnel are doing additional work because they pick up trash in public areas, Hofschneider said.

Trash is being scattered on streets and sidewalks because trash bins are “overflowing with garbage,” he added.

In his meeting with BEH officials, Hofschneider said they agreed to create a form that will be used by the mayor’s field personnel.

Whenever there’s a violation committed by a business establishment, the field personnel will fill out the form and submit it to BEH for proper action, Hofschneider said.

He reiterated the importance of ensuring that trash bins are always covered and are not overflowing with garbage.

According to Public Law 14-15 or the Waste Container Lid Requirement Act of 2004, it is a public nuisance and a health hazard for garbage or trash to be accumulated on either public or private property without tightly fitting lids or covers on the waste containers.

“Any person who fails to comply…is subject to a civil fine of $100 for each violation and an additional $50 for each day the person fails to comply,” the law stated.