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Anne Sanchez steps up for JROTC position

TINIAN — When you do get the opportunity to take on a leadership role or enter a leadership development program, you make the most of it. If you’re selected for any leadership program, embrace the experience.

That’s exactly what Cadet Capt. Anne Sanchez did. On Thursday, May 16, 2019, Anne Francesca Libut Sanchez underwent a cadet battalion interview for the position of commander of the Tinian JROTC Stallion Battalion. She was asked a myriad of serious questions by Senior Army Instructor Capt. Joseph A. Santos, Army Instructor First Sergeant Jose King and Battalion Executive Officer Cadet Maj. Carmina Borja.

C/CPT Anne Sanchez reports to the president of the board.C/CPT Anne Sanchez reports to the president of the board.

Those questions ranged from why she deserved to be battalion commander to the goals and ideals she has for the battalion. Sanchez talked about the possible struggles that will come as a battalion commander and elaborated on her incentives for the battalion.

Sanchez has been part of the JROTC program for three years since her freshman year. She started out as a clerk for the S3-Operations and Training Officer. In her sophomore year, she was a noncommissioned officer for the S1-Adjutant Officer. Following her junior year, she became the S1. In addition, she was part of the Armed Drill Team.

From left, Capt. Joseph Santos, C/MAJ Carmina Borja, and First Sergeant Jose King.From left, Capt. Joseph Santos, C/MAJ Carmina Borja, and First Sergeant Jose King.

Because of her earnest answers, sincere words from her recommendation letters, and invigorating efforts given to JROTC time and time again, Sanchez secured the position of Stallion Battalion commander for school year 2019-2020.

A change of command ceremony will occur on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 during which the current battalion commander will step down and pass on the position to the new battalion commander.

The board congratulates C/CPT Anne Sanchez.The board congratulates C/CPT Anne Sanchez.

Congratulations Anne! The Stallion Battalion is greatly looking forward to your leadership and guidance.