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Dr. Rita H. Inos Jr.-Sr. High School promotes 39 eighth graders

DR. RITA H. Inos Jr. Sr. High School on Friday promoted more than 39 middle-school students to 9th grade.

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The class valedictorian, Glenda Sophia Valdezco.
The class salutatorian, Jermaine Chloe Yalung.  Contributed photos

At the top of her class is Glenda Sophia C. Valdezco, who believes that being valedictorian “does not define who you are as a person.”

In her remarks, Valdezco said her journey was not easy. “Like others, I ran into numerous obstacles. There were times I doubted my abilities and skills. There were even times where I just wanted to give up my goal because I felt like I didn’t meet the requirements, or someone deserved it more than I did.”

But her dream to be class valedictorian was so strong that she continued to persevere.

Whenever she wanted to give up, she would always encourage herself by remembering the words of wisdom imparted to her by a friend who told her: “ If I didn’t reach my goal, at least I knew I tried my best, because it’s not the prize at the finish line that matters, but the journey you went through to get there. So I kept trying, even if I had all my doubts. And here I am, speaking as the valedictorian.”

She said the achievement does not change her, but the struggles she went through did change her attitude about earning the top honor. “Anyone can earn this title. All it takes is effort and dedication.”

Valdezco thanked her teachers at RHI Jr.-Sr. High School for guiding her and the other students “They were such caring teachers. Not only did they care for our academics, but also for our physical, mental and emotional health.”

Jermaine Chloe B. Yalung is the class salutatorian.

In seventh grade, Yalung recounted that she “let loose the reins that bound me to my studies, knowing full well it would affect my GPA.”

She said this may have cost her the top honor she aimed for. “But I regret nothing. While browsing [the internet], I stumbled across [the following quotation from] Adarsh Singh: ‘While people on the first bench made notes, the people on the last bench made memories.’”

For a short time, Yalung said she was a “last bencher” who was having fun and making memories. “So I enjoyed every moment of it.”

However, she realized that her dream was to change the world. “And I can’t make that change by leading from behind the class.”

She added, “I have a deep love and appreciation for my island. I dream of giving back by enhancing Rota’s tourism and stabilizing its economy. I’m not quite sure how to do that yet but I’ll figure it out. Maybe I can open up an airline or something.”

Yalung thanked her teachers, friends, parents and all the people who supported and aided her throughout her life.

The top seven middle-school students:

1) Glenda Sophia C. Valdezco

2) Jermaine Chloe B. Yalung

3) Ilaiza A. Camacho

4) Shaniyah Marie R. Cabrera

5) Hannah M. Nerizon

6) Amber Nicole A. Mendiola

7) Kate R. Manglona