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FSM condemns ‘machete attack’ in Guam, calls for unity and compassionate response

HARMON, Guam (FSM Information Services) — The government of the Federated States of Micronesia understands that on Tuesday June 4, 2019, an altercation between three individuals occurred in the vicinity of a store close to the University of Guam in Mangilao involving the use of machetes.

One individual was reportedly injured by a machete, and the two other individuals approached cars leaving the University of Guam campus, hitting seven of them —including one driven by Judi Guthertz, a former senator in the Guam Legislature and presently an employee of the University of Guam.

The government of the FSM understands that one of the individuals involved in this incident is a citizen of the FSM, and that the incident has propagated sincere discussion in Guam on the issue of some citizens of the FSM living there conducting themselves in a manner that undermines public safety.

The government of the FSM condemns the behavior of the individuals involved in this incident; these types of threatening actions, real and perceived, negatively impact the safety and wellbeing of other human beings.

The government of the FSM hopes that the people and government of Guam will not condemn the people and government of the FSM for the undesirable and unlawful actions of a few, in light of the continuing positive and productive community contributions of the vast majority of FSM citizens living and working in Guam.

The government of the FSM promotes the values on its seal of peace, unity, and liberty, and abjectly condemns any and all violence and disorder, in any shape or form.

The FSM government regrets that the behavior of a citizen of the FSM has negatively impacted one or more lives and, through the FSM Consulate Office in Guam, working with partners such as Guam FSM community leadership organizations, local Guam community outreach organizations, local law enforcement, and the Micronesian Resource Center, will work with as many stakeholders as possible to develop and implement programs that will attempt to ensure that incidents of this sort don’t occur.

The FSM national government recognizes that there are linguistic, economic, and cultural challenges involved when citizens of the FSM migrate outside of the FSM’s borders — as there are when citizens of other nations migrate to the FSM.

The government and people of the FSM express their sincerest apologies to those affected by this unfortunate incident.

“As president of the FSM, I apologize for any harmful conduct by some of our citizens. I call upon the people of the FSM to work together to be one nation that promotes peace and love in our common humanity,” FSM President Panuelo said.

The FSM government emphasizes its continuing message that citizens of the FSM living in Guam are ambassadors of the FSM; they help promote a better understanding of the FSM to their host communities in Guam, and help promote FSM citizens’ understanding of their Guamanian neighbors. Citizens of the FSM living in Guam are encouraged to collectively strive to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

The FSM Consulate Office can be contacted by phone at 671-646-9154/5, or visited in person at 1755 Army Drive, Harmon, Guam 96913. The Micronesian Resource Center One-Stop Shop can be contracted by phone at 671-686-2227, or visited in person at 272 East Harmon Industrial Park Rd, Tamuning, 96913, Guam.