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D&Q Warriors top Saipan Chamber of Commerce 2019 ‘Survivor’ Corporate Challenge

(Press Release) — The 2019 annual Corporate Challenge was held on Sunday, June 2, 2019 at Minatchom Atdao in Susupe. Nine company teams went head to head to compete for the coveted title of Corporate Challenge “Survivor” Champions.

The teams that competed were: Marianas Pacific Distributors Inc, IT&E Saipan, D&Q “Warriors,” DFS Saipan, Joeten Motors “Frontiers,” First Hawaiian Bank “2X Faster,” LaoLao Bay Golf & Resort, 2018 first runner up Delta Management “Delta Force”, and defending 2018 champions Triple J Saipan.

This year’s theme, “Survivor,” focused on celebrating the resiliency and resourcefulness of our businesses post-typhoon Yutu and with the economic challenges that followed. The chamber recognizes the immense pressure put on the business community to continue providing services despite being equally affected by the catastrophic storm.

The annual Corporate Challenge pushes company teams to work collaboratively and creatively to get through different challenges and obstacles set forth by the event. The goal of this event was to provide an outlet for creativity, team-building, and company wellness in order to reinvest in the staff that make our island run.

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The Corporate Challenge day started off with the “Survivor Chant,” where each team performed an original dance, song, or chant that exemplified their company’s mission or the event theme. Each team had a unique take on the assignment, but “Delta Force” stole the show with their perfectly written rap set to the tune of “Hard Knock Life” earning them “Best Company Performance.” This lively and competitive Team Spirit component certainly set the tone for the entire day.

Immediately following the first Team Spirit activity was the Tug-O-War, a staple game in the Corporate Challenge. All teams went head to head and Team Triple J, D&Q Warriors, Joeten “Frontiers,” Marpac, and LaoLao Bay Golf and Resort advanced to the second round. The second round was even more intense and ended with Marpac, D&Q Warriors, and LaoLao advancing to the third round. Finally, the final round was between D&Q Warriors and Marpac. It took fifteen long seconds for D&Q Warriors to claim the title of “2019 Tug-O-Warriors.”

The Relay Race “Fall in Line” reflected the long lines for water, gas, ice, and other essentials post-typhoon Yutu. The four stations were: “Fetch the Water,” “Bucket Shower,” “Gas Line,” and “Save the Water,” where players had to continually transfer water into different containers until the last bucket. IT&E clocked in the quickest time earning them the title of “2019 Relay Slayers.”

The Obstacle Course “Super-Typhoon Readiness” modeled the different steps residents took before and after Super Typhoon Yutu to cope with the storm. The obstacle course stations included: 1.) Don’t Raise the Roof, 2.) Boarding Windows, 3.) Pave the Way, and 4.) Tetris Challenge. The team to complete the course in the fastest time was D& Q Warriors earning them the title of “2019 Obstacle Conquerors.”


IT&E Relay SlayersIT&E Relay Slayers

Other awards that were given were “Best Company Identity” and “Best Company Tent.” This year, team captains were heavily involved in the scoring process. Voted by their peers for having the “Best Company Identity” was Delta Force, whose shirts highlighted their unified team spirit in bold company colors with a moving quote befitting of this year’s theme: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Also awarded to Delta Force by their peers, was “Best Company Tent.” Delta Force created a miniature version of their shell stations. As the Team Captains approached Delta Force’s tent, they were immediately greeted with the same hospitality offered at Delta Management Corporation’s local Shell stations.

Delta Force swept all three categories for the Spirit Award, so it was no surprise that they were the overall winners for the 2019 Spirit Award. This award is given to the team that exemplifies and inspires company values. What makes this award most special is that it is awarded by fellow companies in recognition of a single team’s outstanding teamwork, sportsmanship, and showmanship.

The overall Corporate Challenge Champions and 1st Runner Up winners went to the teams with the highest scores in both the games portion and spirit portion.

DFS.  Saipan Chamber of Commerce photosDFS. Saipan Chamber of Commerce photos

Overall 1st Runner Up was awarded to returning competitors, Team DFS. Team Captain Ezra Lizama stated “Thank you to Saipan Chamber of Commerce for continuing the annual tradition of the Corporate Challenge and to all teams for being challenging competitors.” Team DFS is no stranger to the winner circle having won overall champions in 2014 and 2015.

Finally, the Overall Corporate Challenge Champions for the 2019 Saipan Chamber of Commerce Corporate Challenge are the D&Q Warriors! They walked away with two individual prizes in the game portion as well as the overall award.

Overall winners enjoyed prize packages inclusive of in-kind donations from our generous chamber members: Joeten Enterprises, Fiesta Resort & Spa, The Shack, The Airstream, D&Q Saipan, IT&E, Pacifica Insurance, Delta Management, and Marpac. The champions also received a 6-month membership under the President’s Circle of the Chamber. Other raffle sponsors included Godfather’s Bar, Spicy Thai Noodle Place, Pacific Islands Club, Kensington, and Hard Rock Café.

The chamber would like to extend a sincere thanks to the company participants, sponsors, and supporters!