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Kiyokazu Gonzales and Richard Lacson are Chacha’s top 8th graders

CHACHA Ocean View Middle School on Wednesday promoted 66 eighth graders to high school and named Kiyokazu Magas Suzuki Gonzales as valedictorian and Richard Lacson as salutatorian.

School principal Martha Kintol said she and the teachers strongly believe that the promotees are ready for high school.

This year’s promotion theme was, “School is work. Our income is education.”

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Kiyokazu Gonzales

In his valedictory address, Kiyokazu Magas Suzuki Gonzales said when he first arrived at Chacha, he was nervous and clueless about the school, its teachers and the goals he wanted to achieve.

Eventually, Gonzales felt more confidence and became a little smarter. “There was a good amount of lectures and assignments but they gave me education in return.”

He said he had experienced many ups and downs but these also taught him valuable life lessons “that will forever be used and could even be the key to being a successful person in life.”

He thanked his friends and family for inspiring him to strive and move forward. “If there were some roadblocks along the road and path to my goals, they would motivate me and encourage me to keep going.”

As they celebrate their promotion, Gonzales said they were also honoring their teachers and school staff for guiding and given them the best educational experience.

“I will leave our school knowing that I am ready for my next chapter in high school because COVMS challenged, shaped and prepared me,” he added.

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Richard Lacson

Richard Lacson, for his part, said he is honored to be this year’s class salutatorian.

“Although the only name engraved on this plaque is mine, I share this achievement with my family, teachers and friends that helped me along the way,” Lacson said.

“This award does not justify who I am today. Who I am today is influenced by the companionship of my classmates, the knowledge from my teachers and the endless support of my family,” he added.

Top awards

Board of Education Award – Kiyokazu Magas Suzuki Gonzales

Commissioner of Education Award – Richard Lacson

Principal’s Award – D’anahlei Rodriguez

School Leadership Award – Lucio Aldan

Subject awards

Math, Language, and Woodworking – Richard Lacson

Business Math, Chamorro-Carolinian Language Heritage Studies, Computer – Kiyokazu Gonzales

Social Studies and Science – D’anahlei Rodriguez

PE/Health – Angelica Mario