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Lawmaker says public signs should be in NMI’s 3 official languages

REPRESENTATIVE Luis John Castro has introduced a bill that would require signs identifying government buildings, departments or agencies to be written in the CNMI’s three official languages: Carolinian, Chamorro and English.

LJ Castro

House Bill 21-36 states that the three official languages should also be used on signs identifying monuments, tourist attractions and those providing directions.

Castro believes that the use of the indigenous languages will help remind the public of their importance.

He said “the continuous use of our languages will help safeguard their preservation for generations to come.”

Castro said his bill “acknowledges the importance of the Chamorro and Carolinian languages in the Commonwealth,” and recognizes “the importance of our children’s heritage to his or her personal identity.”

Castro said “our languages…help maintain feelings of cultural kinship, but if we choose not to emphasize, strengthen and practice our languages and culture, we may potentially lose them, along with our cultural identity, in the near future.”

The bill did not indicate the cost of its implementation.