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Service, community-oriented individuals invited to join Rotary Club

TO boost membership is among the priorities of Marcia Ayuyu as the new president of the Rotary Club of Saipan.

It has been a challenge every year to recruit new members and encourage former members to rejoin, she said on Tuesday.

The club now has 39 active members after three Rotarians left island due to work-related assignments.

“I am encouraging members to bring in new members that can be active. I want action in our club. I want Rotarians to connect to the world by being active. I do my part to lead and motivate them and I ask that they do the same,” Ayuyu said.

Ayuyu, owner and operator of the local McDonald’s, said she has been reaching out to other business persons on island to invite them to join the club.

She said it is important to have people from different professions and businesses to help the club meet its goals for the community.

As club president, Ayuyu said she will ensure that all members feel valued, inspired and connected.

One of her projects is to provide information about the Rotary Club at the airport to allow visitors to know where they can meet Rotarians while on Saipan.

Ayuyu said she will also pursue the previous club leadership’s plan to build an accessible playground at Sugar King Park in Chinatown.

She said they are just waiting for price quotations for the design.

“It’s a good project,” she said.

Ayuyu is also looking forward to the club’s annual fundraising event, Las Vegas Night, as well as the distribution of dictionaries to third graders, and is hoping to revive the “Rock to Read” program for schools.