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Yvette Bennett is Miss Bikini Model 1st Runner-Up

(Press Release) — There were three categories in the Miss Bikini Competition (Miss Bikini, Miss Bikini Model and Miss Ocean) as each division had a different criterion for participation and Yvette DLG Bennett was in the Miss Bikini Model Division.

Yvette Bennett

Yvette was in a field with 31 other contestants from other states and she put the CNMI on the national stage again as a winner. Based on an insider judging tip and our own observation as her parents Yvette clearly out-bested the other candidates in the modeling and swimsuit design but the winner had over 50,000 followers on her You-Tube page.

The CNMI can be extremely proud of Yvette as she truly set herself apart from all of the other candidates with her swimsuit and the use of the CNMI flag in her photo shoots and on the run-way.

Yvette has also made a name for herself and the CNMI in the modeling industry as one well-known photographer had been wanting the opportunity to photograph Yvette for a very long time and she was well known among many of the contestants.

Yvette’s swimsuit was custom made on Saipan by “Flowerpot Creations” designers Flowerpot Salas and Philip B. Quitugua. The swimsuit was made with sea shells and the Plumeria flowers which is the CNMI’s flower.

Yvette’s use of the CNMI flag made her one of only three contestants to directly connect the design of her swimsuit to the state-level government that she represented.

Yvette’s performance was simply amazing in how she was able to manipulate the CNMI flag while modeling her swimsuit, she has truly become one of America’s top model in every way.

As the first runner-up Yvette is next in line to promote the title of Miss Bikini Model should the winner not be able to fulfill all the obligations.

It was also a learning experience for Yvette and future models from the CNMI to be more active on social media and to have a platform that one can use to promote the modeling competition. It is becoming more evident in the modeling competitions that judges are now placing a lot of value in the contestant’s ability to promote pageants on social media and/or YouTube as “on-line voting” has now become one of the major criterions for winning in national competitions.

Yvette and her entire family want to thank the CNMI supporters and especially the Marianas Visitors Authority and its managing director, Priscilla M. Iakopo, for placing an ad in the Miss Bikini Magazine and Laila Y. Boyer and Marianas Variety for their donations.