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Mayor Apatang encourages graffiti artists to join Project Aligi

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said graffiti artists should share their talents with Project Aligi of the Lady Diann Torres Foundation.

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This lovely floral pattern was completed by Maryann Borja and Linda Torres across from Herman’s Bakery.  Contributed photo

Instead of spraying graffiti on walls, they can help beautify the island, he added.

Project Aligi was launched last month and it involves volunteer artists who paint island-theme images on Commonwealth Utilities Corp. power poles.

“It’s a beautiful project and the mayor’s office supports it as part the islandwide beautification project,” the mayor said.

“I want to say thank you to the first lady for coming up with the idea. That’s what we need here. We need more ingenuity.”

Beautiful island images on power poles will be seen by motorists, including tourists, driving down the road, Apatang added.

He said graffiti artists can also join the annual art competitions hosted by the Arts Council or private companies.

He urged the graffiti artists to put their talents to good use instead of defacing public property.