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Mayor Apatang: Government employee seeking elective position should go on personal leave

SAIPAN Mayor David M. Apatang said he supports Senate Bill 21-31 which would require a CNMI government employee running for an elective office to take leave from work once the election commission certifies his candidacy.

David Mundo Apatang

The bill was introduced by Senate Floor Leader Justo S. Quitugua.

In his letter to Sen. Sixto K. Igisomar, chairman of the Senate Committee on Judiciary, Government, Law and Federal Relations, Apatang said the government should support a person’s decision to run for public office.

However, he added, “we must be mindful on how far our encouragement can go,” and “we must keep in mind that use of public funds to compensate a person must be on the basis of work performed.”

He said “a person who is on leave of absence in pursuit of his political endeavor would not be performing work related to his job. This a simple common sense.”

A government employee running for public office must forfeit his wages or salary during the period he is on leave of absence, he added.

But Apatang said they should also consider if the employee has available earned and accrued vacation leave and could use it during his leave of absence.

He said “embedding a measure to prohibit compensating an employee while on leave of absence after the employee has used up all his available vacation leave would resolve issues related to using public funds to compensate an employee who is not performing work.”