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CHCC: Vector breeding inspections to start Sept. 19

(CHCC) — The Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation-Bureau of Environmental Health, with support from the Saipan Mayor’s Office, Bureau of Environmental & Coastal Quality, the Department of Public Lands, and Zoning Office, will be conducting village inspections and debris removal on Saipan for the prevention of vector breeding sites. Vectors include mosquitoes and rodents; animals that carry disease.

The current outbreaks of dengue in our neighboring Pacific islands and the recent travel related cases on Saipan have shown a need for proactive outreach and education in the community. Furthermore, consistent rainfall within the past months has created conditions around the island that are perfect for mosquitoes to breed, especially the species that breed in containers such as Aedes.

The inspections will begin on September 19, 2019 starting in Koblerville, San Antonio, Afetna, and Chalan Kanoa, before moving northward. BEH inspectors will, with the owner’s permission, inspect houses and yards for potential vector breeding sites and advise residents on proper disposal procedures for debris, as well as distribute educational information on mosquito prevention and control.

The public is advised to comply with Saipan dog control regulations by tying up or otherwise restraining dogs for the safety of the inspectors.

Residents may contact the mayor’s office for assistance in the removal of debris such as lumber, tin, and tires. Debris must be properly sorted and placed curbside within their private lots for easy access. Household trash and old or broken furniture will not be collected. Pursuant to Public Law 14-15, garbage or trash must be properly covered and secured in waste containers, and surrounding areas should be clean and free of debris. Household trash can be disposed of at the Lower Base Transfer Station.

Residents may also contact the Zoning Office or the mayor’s office for assistance in the removal of junk vehicles.

The most important step you can take to prevent dengue and other mosquito borne diseases is to avoid being bitten and take steps to eliminate mosquito breeding sites in and around your home:

  • • Clean up all debris in your yard, especially those that can hold water such as loose tires.
  • • Regularly clean and empty water tanks and other containers used to store water, and make sure these containers have screens to cover any openings.
  • • Clear roof gutters of debris.
  • • Properly dispose of all bottles, cans, buckets, and other containers that can collect water.
  • • Repair leaky outdoor faucets so that they do not create puddles of standing water.
  • • Change the water frequently in flower vases and other containers that routinely contain water, including pet dishes.

The Saipan Mayor’s Office can be reached at 234-620.

For further information, call BEH at 664-4870/2/3 or email