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Humanities Council launches Garapan Heritage Trail project

THE Northern Marianas Humanities Council invites the public to peek into the past and discover the history and culture that can be found in Garapan.

On Friday, the Humanities Council launched the Garapan Heritage Trail project, which features 20 different sites that tell the island’s history.

The council chartered a bus for community members, education leaders, media representatives, and tour agents who participated in the two-hour trail excursion.

Humanities Council Executive Director Leo Pangelinan said before launching the project, they “read history books, as well as try to corroborate the story with the elders to make sure that we are explaining the history of the sites correctly.”

He said they also identified other sites worthy of recognition.

The NMI Humanities Council’s Garapan Heritage Trail included a stop at American Memorial Park.  Photo by Lori Lyn C. LirioThe NMI Humanities Council’s Garapan Heritage Trail included a stop at American Memorial Park. Photo by Lori Lyn C. Lirio

Currently, the heritage sites include the Carolinian Utt and the latte stone monument at the southwest corner of the DFS building, which marks the reburial site of more than 60 ancient Chamorros whose remains had been recovered during the archeological work undertaken before the luxury goods store was constructed.

The other heritage sites are:

  • • The Catholic church bell tower in Garapan, which is the sole extant architectural remnant from the pre-war church.
  • • The German steps, built in 1904 and the island’s oldest surviving historic structure, at Sugar King Park.
  • • The Japanese hospital, now the home of the NMI Museum of History and Culture, opened in 1926 and was among the best medical facilities in the Western Pacific.
  • • Managaha, the burial place of Chief Aghurubw.
  • • Puntan Muchot/Ppiyal Oolang.
  • • Japanese World War II fortifications.
  • • American Memorial Park.
  • • Hoan-den, a shrine to Meiji-era education.
  • • The Nan’yo-ji gatepost.
  • • The Nambo Pier.
  • • The Garapan dock.
  • • Administration Hill, the seats of government in the German and Japanese eras.
  • • The sugar train engine.
  • • The statue of Haruji Matsue aka the “Sugar King.”
  • • The old Japanese jail.