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2 Rota lawmakers press Finance for medical stipend, scholarship fund

SENATOR Paul A. Manglona and Rep. Donald M. Manglona are asking the Department of Finance to release the appropriated funds for Rota’s interisland medical referral patients and scholarship program.

Paul Atalig Manglona
Donald M. Manglona

In his letter to Finance, Sen. Manglona said he was following up on his prior letter regarding “long overdue” medical subsistence and interisland medical referral stipends for Rota patients on Saipan.

He noted that the ailing Rota residents, who seek medical treatment on Saipan, do not receive a medical referral stipend while those who travel to Guam, the Philippines, or the mainland U.S. receive theirs.

“We should strive to eliminate this discrepancy by reinstating the medical referral stipend program for interisland patients,” the senator said, adding that Rota patients rely on this medical assistance to pay for their medical care and medication.

The last medical subsistence for hemodialysis and terminally ill patients from Rota was paid out in December 2018 and the interisland medical referral stipend program has been suspended since February, the senator added.

Sen. Manglona said because of the lack of healthcare services on Rota, many patients have to travel to Saipan.

He also reminded Finance that payments for the terminally ill, those on hemodialysis, and interisland medical referral patients are not funded through the general fund, but by poker license and annual casino license fee collections.

“As I understand, Rota local funds are still available from past appropriations for these medical expenditure purposes,” Sen. Manglona said.

In his own letter, Rep. Donald Manglona reminded Finance that 50 percent of the pachinko and poker machine annual license fee collections are for the Rota Municipal Scholarship Foundation and the other 50 percent is reserved for appropriation by the Rota Legislative Delegation.

Rep. Manglona, however, said the $100,000 that Rota Local Law 20-10 appropriates for the island’s scholarship foundation has not been paid out.