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Lawmakers, Saipan mayor discuss proper trash disposal

MEMBERS of the House Committee on Commerce and Tourism on Thursday met with Saipan Mayor David Apatang and Department of Lands and Natural Resources officials to discuss a measure that aims to ensure the proper disposal of trash in the CNMI.

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A trash bin is seen on Beach Road in Garapan.  Photo by Emmanuel T. Erediano

Rep. Richard T. Lizama’s House Bill 21-49 will require businesses to install enclosed trash receptacles at the back of their establishments.

Mayor Apatang asked the author of the bill to include a provision that will “compel” residents to be more responsible when using their trash bins.

He said open trash bins attract dogs and cats that will then scatter the trash. These are eyesores and could be a public health concern, too, he added.

Saipan Mayor’s Office project manager Leo Tenorio said businesses and residents should ensure that they dispose of their trash properly.

Regarding the trash and recycling bins in public areas, including parks, DLNR has been in discussion with the Marianas Visitors Authority regarding the installation of new trash bins with “appealing” designs, DLNR-Division of Parks and Recreation Director Vic Deleon Guerrero said.

DLNR Secretary Anthony Benavente said they can also look into the possibility of raising the security deposit to ensure that those who use beach pavilions will be more responsible with their trash.

Right now, he said DLNR charges a $24 security deposit from beach pavilion users. This amount is returned if the users clean up the pavilion after using it.

But most of the time, Benavente said, pavilion users leave trash all over the place and do not bother to get their security deposit back.

If the security deposit is raised to $500, pavilion users may be compelled to clean up the facility after using it he added.

Rep. Joseph Flores, for his part, said the litter-control law should be enforced.

Lizama and the committee will work further on H.B. 21-49 to consider the concerns raised by the mayor and DLNR officials.