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MVA primes Tokyo commuters for Marianas flights

(MVA) — In anticipation of regular direct flights from Tokyo to The Marianas beginning this year, the Marianas Visitors Authority has updated one of its most visible promotion in the heart of Japan’s business district by Tokyo’s Shimbashi Station.

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New photos promoting “Sports Islands: The Marianas” highlight the Marianas Visitors Authority’s promotional wall display launched on Oct. 11, 2019, at Shimbashi station in Tokyo, Japan.
Sports activities in the Marianas highlight the Marianas Visitors Authority’s updated promotional backlit wall display launched on Oct. 11, 2019, at Shimbashi station in Tokyo, Japan.  MVA photos

MVA has placed new destination images in its wall display featuring The Marianas in one of Tokyo’s busiest train stations.

The display, originally launched in early 2017, now features 12 ft. high, backlit images of diving, golfing parasailing, annual sporting events organized by MVA, yoga, and more and invites the 535,000 daily passengers transiting Shimbashi station to explore “Sports Islands: The Marianas.” Commuters are urged to fly to a “new” Saipan.

“Our wall display is located alongside the headquarters of prestigious international brands such as All Nippon Airways, Shiseido, Fujitsu, and others. With two major trainlines meeting at the station, we have the potential to reach over 535,000 people daily at this location,” said MVA Managing Director Priscilla M. Iakopo. “Our new message is that The Marianas is a new, dynamic destination for travelers who want to enjoy sports. MVA continues to grow its sports tourism brand, and we hope to attract more professional teams to train here, where we have conducive weather all year. The timing is perfect, as Skymark Airlines will start regular flights very shortly and we are also starting to promote MVA’s annual sporting events of the new fiscal year, including Hell of the Marianas century cycle in December and Saipan Marathon in March 2020.”

The new display was revealed on Friday, Oct. 11, simultaneous with new “Sports Islands” homepages on MVA’s Japanese-language website. The ad will run through Sept. 30, 2020.

The Marianas display also faces the Nippon TV event space, ideal for targeting high-end business people.